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logo4National coordinator: Yerevan State University

Yerevan State University has long been involved in activities of international scope. Considering the provision of high level education as the main goal, the University has initiated and is currently realising numerous academic and educational projects, which correspond to international academic standards and stem from the requirements of the Bologna Declaration. Currently YSU has bilateral agreements with about 190 universities and scientific centres in 50 countries around the world. The Rector of YSU is also the Chairperson of the conference of university rectors of AM and therefore YSU has an important multiplier role within the Armenian HE system.

Yerevan State University website

logo1Gavar State University

Gavar State University is a public institution providing higher education to the population in the region and beyond. The University was established in 1993, and since 2007 education there has been organised in compliance with the framework principles of the Bologna Process and the ECTS credit system. The University seeks internationalisation and enhancement of collaboration with European universities aiming at the exchange and development of scientific and practical skills of its students, academic and management staff.

Gavar State University website

logo3The State Engineering University of Armenia

The State Engineering University of Armenia is the legal successor of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, founded in 1933. It was and remains the premier provider of technological education in the country. SEUA has a leading role in the running reforms of higher education in Armenia. It has successfully implemented over 10 TEMPUS projects in the areas of university management and educational reforms, curricular renovation and strategic planning. SEUA has developed an extended network of international cooperation including many leading EU universities and research centres.

State Engineering University of Armenia website

State Universities Rectors Council of ArmeniaThe Armenian State Universities Rectors Council

The Armenian State Universities Rectors Council is a non-governmental professional organisation and arena for discussion and agenda-setting for Armenian state educational institutions. It involves the rectors of all state (public) institutions of higher education in Armenia. The main activities of the Council include the development of systemic approaches toward education policy, promotion of education and research activities. It serves as a major educational network and resource for all national institutions.


logo2The Republic of Armenia Ministry of Education and Science

The Republic of Armenia Ministry of Education and Science is a republican body of executive authority, which builds upon and implements the policies of the Republic of Armenia Government in the education and science sectors. The Ministry has participated in all TEMPUS projects that required state participation and has considerable experience in incorporating innovation into the educational system of the Republic.

Republic of Armenia Ministry of Education and Science website